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Ames Middle School

New Ames Middle School Principal Announced

Yonas Michal Ames Middle School

We are pleased to announce that Yonas Michael will be returning to the Ames Community School District to serve as the principal of Ames Middle School. Mr. Michael served the Ames Community School District for 10 years, most recently as Director of Student Services. Prior to that, he was a School and Family Counselor at Northwood, Sawyer Elementary, and Ames Middle School. For the last two years, Mr. Michael has served as a Behavior Specialist and Grade Level Administrator in Maryland. 

We are beyond excited to have Mr. Michael back in Ames and are excited for his leadership at Ames Middle School. His understanding of the Ames community, along with his ability to lead educators and connect with students made him an amazing candidate for this position. 

The board approved Mr. Michael’s contract on January 7, 2019, and he will officially start on January 14, 2019.

Key Contacts

Michelle Fuqua

Associate Principal

Amy DeLashmutt

Director - Communications


Nicole Coronado