October 13, 2022

Get to Know Jeremie Knutson

The Ames Community School District is featuring our amazing Principals and Associate Principals during National Principals Month. It’s time to learn about Jeremie Knutson, the 6th Grade Associate Principal. Knutson became a principal because he has a passion for leadership and service to others. He has been with the Ames CSD for 17 years.

“I enjoy the development of structures and systems, processing data and information, and helping others to be successful in the work they do,” said Kuntson. “I want to do everything in my power to help our staff serve each and every student.”

Knutson went to the University of Northern Iowa for his undergraduate degree and earned his teaching license from Iowa State University. He then acquired his administrative licensure as well as Masters of Educational Leadership from Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He has also taken coursework at Grand View, Drake, and Morningside.

When Knutson was asked what inspired him, he said his colleagues and the kids.

“I am inspired by my administrative colleagues, the teachers that work so very hard each day, and the kids that spend their days with us,” he said.

Knutson’s favorite way to connect with students is simply by listening to them.

“I just enjoy listening to kids,” Knutson said. “They share such interesting things. It helps me to better know what makes them who they are. I hope that each time a student interacts with me, they remember how I made them feel. I try my best each day to be a kind hearted and caring soul that helps our students understand how valuable they are.

His favorite school lunch is nachos and would rather watch a movie than read a book, when presented the choice. If Knutson has an hour of free time, he would like to fish, woodwork, or watch TV. Something that excites him presently is Hawkeye football, and his favorite activity when he was the age of his students was playing golf.

His advice for students is in the form of a daily challenge.

“When I close conversations with students, I challenge them to do better tomorrow than they did today,” he said. “They owe it to themselves.”

Thank you, Associate Principal Knutson!